Moses Preaching To The Masses

French Study

Man With Pet Eagle

Moon Light Sonata

Fox Trot Romeo

Sketch Of Arthritic Thumb

Sweeping Blue Sky

Friends & Neighbours SOLD

George Rouault’s Cosmic Birth


Bill The Cat

Game Board

Man In Tall Grass

Portrait Of Rana Douglas

Ludwig SOLD


Parking Garage, Downtown Vancouver

Weeping Madonna

String Theory

Lover Come Back

Old Man And Granddaughter

Still Life With Apple

Death & Consequences

History Of The Wheel, Part 2

Vase With Flowers

Approaching Sienna

Black Palms

Self Portrait

Portrait Of Rana Michelle

Vanishing Man


Near Borrego Springs, California

Young Jan Lyle

The Puzzle Of Spring

The Death Of King Edward lll On Bosworth Field

Amnesia Haze

Chinese Lord

Blue Dot On The Horizon

Desert Suite. Gifted to Judah & Hannah

Middle Of The World

House In The Shadows

The History Of The Wheel

Clouds Above Rome

Figures Crossing The Road, Rural Texas

Blue & White Circles

Yellow Canyon Flowers

Unrelenting Joke

Red Tide

First Map Of North America

Bird In The Hand