Desert Suite


Middle Of The World

House In The Shadows

The History Of The Wheel

Clouds Above Rome

Figures Crossing The Road, Rural Texas

Blue & White Circles

Yellow Canyon Flowers

Unrelenting Joke

Red Tide

Modern Landscape

First Map Of North America

Bird In The Hand

Dark Of The Moon

Dance Me To The End Of Time

Red Night

Phoenix Lights

Man Communicating

The Dunes, Southern Oregon

African Flowers -A Tribute To Duke Ellington


Mad Biker


Near Mont Saint Michel”

Portrait Of The Artist Sitting At His Desk

All That Love Allows

Amore SOLD


Tropic Of Cancer

Tidal Pools SOLD

Plastic, Love, Memory. SOLD

Kabuki Theatre. SOLD

Wonderland. SOLD

Cathedral Grove, B. C.

Blue And Red

Man And Mongrel

Boyhood Dream

Old Man & Granddaughter

Angel In The Snow

Bird In The Flowers

Old Industrial Works, Berlin. Sold

Man Of La Mancha

Seaside Villas, Trogir Croatia

Fountain Of Light

Red Maples

Mellow Yellow

Death Bed

Christ Gazing Into A Mirror

Mother & Daughter