Red Tide

Tidal Pools SOLD

Sudden Snow, South Langley Sold

Rebirth SOLD

“Between The Villas, Varenna, Italy”. SOLD

Japanese Story Board Sold


Gnarled Pine Sold

AKA, Ziggy Stardust. SOLD

Master Plan # 2. SOLD

The Matador Sold

Fire Mouth. Gifted to Judah

Borrego Springs Desert Sold

Trees On The Hill

Centre Stage Sold

Portrait Of Jan. SOLD

Living Room. SOLD

Rain Over Saint-Malo Sold

Dog Star. SOLD

Cream & Pink. Sold

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Actor Sold

Self Portrait Sold

Second Coming Sold

The Tree Of Life. Sold

Glacial Drift Sold

Self Portrait of the Artist, Man with Melanoma. Sold

Paul Shaffer & Aretha Franklin Sold

Rising Deep Sold

Fish On A Platter. Sold

Raising The Dead Sold

Lower Manhatten Sold

Fragile State Sold

Endless Morning. Sold

Kilauea, Big Island, Hawaii. Sold

Lit From Within. Sold

Apostle Man Sold

Master Plan. Sold

City In Ruins # 1

Landscape # 1 Sold


Shoreline Sold

The Moth And The Butterfly Sold

The Haystack. Sold

Ghosts Over Iraq. SOLD

Wizardry Sold

Minoan Moon Sold

Orange Mist Sold

Rapture # 2 Sold

Man And Woman. Sold

Tsunami # 2 Sold