Red Night

Phoenix Lights

Tidal Pools SOLD

Cathedral Grove, B. C.

Bird In The Flowers

Old Industrial Works, Berlin. Sold

Seaside Villas, Trogir Croatia

Red Maples

Mellow Yellow

Sky Fall

Sudden Snow, South Langley Sold

Sunrise On The Fraser River

Coming Fall

Cliff Dwellings Outside Sedona



Paris Flower Gardens # 2

Paris Flower Gardens # 1

London Under Rain

Gray Morning

Wind Swept

Red Moon Rising

Ghost Dance

Rebirth SOLD

Brave New World

“Between The Villas, Varenna, Italy”. SOLD

White Rain

Tar Sands, Northern Alberta

Nightfall, Outside Las Vegas

Shed Below The Hill

Gnarled Pine Sold

Tide Out

Outbuilding France

Outside Palm Springs


Moment To Moment

Champs-Elysees, Paris

Near The Eiffel Tower

Borrego Springs Desert Sold

Below The Arctic Circle

Trees On The Hill

On The Moor

Rain Over Saint-Malo Sold

Three Trees Given as a gift to Rana

Lower Manhatten Sold

Kilauea, Big Island, Hawaii. Sold

City In Ruins # 1

City In Ruins 2

Winter Solstice

Landscape # 1 Sold