Moses Preaching To The Masses

French Study

History Of The Wheel, Part 2


The Death Of King Edward lll On Bosworth Field

Amnesia Haze

Unrelenting Joke

Man And Mongrel

Angel In The Snow

Man Of La Mancha

Fountain Of Light. SOLD

Death Bed

Christ Gazing Into A Mirror

Mother & Daughter

White Sky. SOLD

Arial Dream

Through The Window. SOLD

Bird With Blue Head

Leda And The Swan

“Dawn On The Adriatic”

French Tourists In Italy. SOLD


Golden Hen

Siamese Dancers. SOLD

Humming Bird. SOLD

Melanoma Man

Sumerian Night


Blue Grotto

The Death Of Rome

Disco Jack vs Jesus


Gathering Of Saints

Bon Voyage

Survivors SOLD. Awarded 2nd Place Surrey Art Gallery

The Gathering

Moses In The Desert

Blood Moon

Aqua Lung

Icarus. Gifted to Rana

God’s Last Known Sighting

Dog Star. SOLD

God’s Humble Beginnings

Golden Ratio

Cream & Pink. Sold

Second Coming Sold

The Big Idea

In Through The Out Door

My Buddha

Glacial Drift Sold