Man With Pet Eagle

Portrait Of Rana Douglas

Ludwig SOLD

Lover Come Back

Old Man And Granddaughter

Self Portrait

Portrait Of Rana Michelle

Young Jan Lyle

Middle Of The World

Man Communicating


Tropic Of Cancer

Old Man & Granddaughter

Man With Flower Vase

Woman In Green Cape. Gifted to Wendy McGillvray


Man In Spectacles

Girl Holding Book

Eyes Wide Shut

Man And His Doll. Gifted to Rana

Woman Wearing A Big Black Wig. SOLD

Japanese Story Board Sold

Transcendental Therapist

Portrait Of Golda Meir. Gifted to Dr. Stern

AKA, Ziggy Stardust. SOLD

The Yellow Seashell. Gifted to Melanie Watts”

Atomic Brassiere

The Man In The Kevlar Vest

The Matador Sold

Fire Mouth. Gifted to Judah

Baby Cakes SOLD

Aqua Lung

Portrait Of Jan. SOLD

Mother & Child NFS

Portrait Of The Artist As A Delinquent Teenager

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Actor Sold

Self Portrait Sold

My Buddha

Man With Long Black Hair

The Last Days Of Paris And Helen

Portrait of Wayne Charles Douglas, Aug. 1946 – May 2015

Self Portrait of the Artist, Man with Melanoma. Sold

Paul Shaffer & Aretha Franklin Sold

Tristan & Isolde. SOLD

Mocking Bird # 2



Transgendered Man With Orange Hair

Family Photo: gifted to Rana

Big Blue Eyes. SOLD