Wonderland. SOLD

Cathedral Grove, B. C.

Blue And Red

Man And Mongrel

Boyhood Dream

Old Man & Granddaughter

Angel In The Snow

Bird In The Flowers

Old Industrial Works, Berlin. Sold

Man Of La Mancha

Seaside Villas, Trogir Croatia

Fountain Of Light

Red Maples

Mellow Yellow

Death Bed

Christ Gazing Into A Mirror

Mother & Daughter

White Sky

Arial Dream

Man With Flower Vase

Sky Fall

Through The Window. SOLD

Bird With Blue Head

Leda And The Swan

Sudden Snow, South Langley Sold

Sunrise On The Fraser River

Golden Dawn. Gifted to Gary Petersen

Woman In Green Cape. Gifted to Wendy McGillvray

Trace Elements



Man In Spectacles

“Dawn On The Adriatic”

Coming Fall

Wounded Knee, South Dakota


Girl Holding Book

French Tourists In Italy. SOLD


Cliff Dwellings Outside Sedona

Golden Hen


Siamese Dancers. SOLD

Humming Bird. SOLD

Melanoma Man


Paris Flower Gardens # 2

Paris Flower Gardens # 1

Sumerian Night

London Under Rain