Born in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada 1944

I consider myself a self-taught artist.  During the late 1960’s, I attended the University of Alberta in the Faculty of Art Education, but due to personal obligations I was unable to complete my first year of studies.  However my interest in art remained lifelong, as I spent the following 40 or so years in the business of buying and selling 20th century decorative arts.

Knowing that I was nearing the end of that career, I spent most of 2013 seeking the courage to restart what I truly longed to do and so in January 2014, I decided to take the plunge.  I had three tubes of oil paint in the garage and with those I created my first painting in over 40 years.  From that experience, I rediscovered my obsession for creating art and the following  pages of images are its result to date.

September 2016